About Valley Votes Fest

On the 15th of September, Seafoam Sound Events is proud to present the first annual Valley Votes Festival (VVF) at The Pressroom. This will be our most important event to date, attracting over 400 people in its inaugural year for the joint cause of uniting the local arts community, while educating the public about the upcoming November elections, and registering people to vote.

The event will feature public speakers, info booths, food and drink, and of course amazing local music. Valley Votes Fest will educate the community on the various ballot measures and inform people about the registration and voting processes in Arizona, while raising money for ACE.

2 Stages

Come and join us as we have a good time between noon and midnight. Over the course of that time, there will be 20+ local musical talents trying their best to tear down these two stages. I hope you love music as much as we do!


VVF will be having an array of activities to cater to each age group of the 18+ crowd. These activities will include but aren't limited to, a local art gallery, live painting, carnival games, dance competitions, an open mic, and beer and food trucks.


We created VVF to promote ‘Registering to Vote’ leading up to the 2018 midterm election while using PHX's art scene to attract future voters. Speakers and info booths will be setup to streamline the experience of getting registered.

Live Broadcast

Documenting the experience we have an incomparable team of photographers and videographers. We will be showcasing live and post-event footage on VVF's Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

Our Spotlight

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Pricing table


  • Admission
  • Proceeds To A.C.E
  • Register Assistance


  • $5 Food & Drink Voucher
  • Raffle Ticket
  • Sticker


  • Valley Votes Shirt
  • Line Skip
  • Promo Gift

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